An Elephant Problem. Once upon a time deep in the jungle where the Lion was the king, there lived an elephant called Yu. He was a giant. He walked alone most of the time. Even though strong and large he never hurt any other animal in the jungle. He was friends with quick rabbit, fast zebra, shrewd tiger, cunning fox, high flyer eagle and many others. He never left alone because he was giant himself and could do many things that no one other could. — The wolf walked up to the Rock and said. Yu has to walk with his head held high, even though there are obstacles but with eyes not dropping down. There by will always get a view ahead of his steps. Let his nose do a bit of searching on the ground level so that even if there are small obstacles it can be easily found early before hit. Also, he should suspend the idea of being cabined. He needs to socialize with his near and dear, once in a while to know where they are and how they have. So it will be a learning and relaxing at the same time. There are many ways apart from the usual route Yu take and it is alright to try a different route with the help of someone familiar with it.

Being protected. You and I are born different. Geography, Religion/ Creed, Parental are few variables. We feel safe most of the time because there is something to fall back on, something to rely on. You drive a car feeling the wheels will hold you, brakes will help you halt. A ‘gunda’ or anti-social being, does damages to society when he has someone backing him up. Likewise when you are protected or covered you feel strong and able. You get to do things that you nor anyone would in any other environment. What if it is otherwise? Now, if you can stay connected to a source so powerful that you feel no fear apart from doing anything against him you are a super human. Right. What source?

Not sure of another way. Being in India there are lot of limitations for children. Not because their families doesn’t want to provide the best but then the hurdles that most families of different ‘category’ face are quite a challenge in itself. They take time to learn and understand the developments around them. Even a ruling by the government will definitely be challenged by the opposing party or some other 20 member group pointing facts or thoughts against the notion. Now, this trend along with picketing and hartals/ bandhs are common incidents in India. People have reached a mindset which is at times incorrigible. Throwing waste, shouting infront of children, spiting on road, ‘chaltha hein’ attitude these all knowingly or unknowingly contribute to the build up of a child. So, who is to blame. Lets pin that for a while. The projection that to learn is for children only perspective, if it could change, can perhaps rip apart the cabined mindsets of people to open up and accept being a student for life.

Why Children? Who else. They are the base that build any community. Society understands this fact. However, to treat every single child as its parents or guardian would, who hopefully have considerable amount of quality skills to raise children, is a very bleak situation. There are institutions educational and others who are trying to figure out a platform where in children can be monitored while at school. Now, what they basically do or can possibly do with limited and challenging resource structure is that provide an exam pattern which is used to evaluate the weak links and pool them into a group, moderate students into another group and the smarties into another. Further the next level after the evaluation and segregation is to create questionnaires customized for each of the groups to understand better what are the factors that hinder their study. Suppose Easy, Moderate, Challenge, are the 3 type of questionnaires configured for the above 3 groups. They are given time to prep and given exams according to their category. Now, if the weakest student is able to achieve something in the most easy category. The results will not just help him feel happy, but it could probably create a liking towards that subject. Further understanding the teacher student relation, other peer group members supporting all can go a long way into making him upscale to the top group eventually. In the above scenario there is a situation that can pop like an unexpected visitor. And we cannot ascertain immediately how or what to do about it. That is, the child facing in the Easy category, even after prep and exam comes out with not much progression in marks; what we do about it? Is there a system which will help him skip that one subject but instead identify and pursue another? Like say a musical instrument or basketball or martial arts or languages. Is that a possibility? A child who have an option to learn math and english ( without excuse and constant progression regardless of hours or exams ) as base and opt for any other subject. I am suggesting to include all others as subjects, languages, music, art and other.

Human Nature. If you do not know something, you got learn if the intent is to acquire knowledge or make use of an information to accomplish a task at hand and may lay it off afterwards. If you are unable to understand something but you really need to learn. Well then it is a problem. For a child every new task is a challenge perhaps everyday there could be something new to learn at school or home. Now, if you nurture the child to understand the challenge and help figure out the need to acquire a certain knowledge, the being would start to develop a skill to approach one challenge at time, understand the same, acquire knowledge to face it or over come it and then move forward to the next. The same is not the condition of many children, who have not got such a mentor or guru to help guide. Not help with the problem, but to teach them on approach, understand and overcome. These 3 are pathways to form a system and not the solution to educational system so complex and massive it would take a decade and more to undo one shell of the core. Patience is virtue if you have it in you. If you don’t cultivate it. There are situations in life everyday which is a mix of challenges at work, food to cook, clothing, bathing, laundry, children to school, travel, payments and so on. Now, how do we get patience and peace in one bowl to blend well and deliver so that our children acquire what is being portrayed. Its a necessity that every individual human being understands that the world around you has transformed from that of a child to youth and it will again from adulthood to parents and so on. If this progression is a truth the challenges that come with is true. Regardless of rich or poor, qualified or unqualified, tall or short, fat or slim, there is no denying or ignoring the fact that TO FACE however grave the end be, is the only way of approach, understand, acquire knowledge to over come so that you can move forward.

If I am to segregate my life into parts of 7 years the period reveal an interesting turn of events when I look back at it. Come September 2017, I turn 35. Which means there has been 5 phases and each episode have had enough and more twists and turns. Episode 1 Honestly I can’t recollect what happened in phase I. The picture till age 7 is very vague. There could have been lot of events, but then what I can recollect are few moments while I was at preschool, an accident at the playground on the swings, the neighbor who used to pick up and drop in his Auto rickshaw, playing on terrace, riding Harry’s ride bicycle, Anu running round the house and trotting to the neighbor veliyappan’s house. Episode 2 There are many things that pop up into my head during this period. Till 14. The same veliyappan’s second daughter ran a local after school tutoring center. Lot of people send in their children there to get their home works done, or if they are working in late. I was a part of it too. I don’t remember either of my brothers going there. When I look back at it, there was lot of scolding, shouting, repeat of words from children, punishments, impositions and loud reading. To mug-up was what she taught because that probably was the learning method she would have went through in her childhood. Anyway, I used to get pass in class and my mother who came up with the idea of sending me there, seemed pleased with her. What a child would go through in that such a chaotic and disturbing chamber was not considered a topic to discuss 25 years ago. There was no child protection agency or child welfare society or other. It was all parents and children. I was the middle one among the 3 boys and I don’t usually create any ruckus or debate back on anything I was asked to do. Neither do I remember too much demanding. I used to wake up to the alarm just because of fear of being scolded or punished. I was on the path way out her house on my knees with gravel as cushion. I don’t remember pain on the skin, but my heart was wounded and disturbed. There would be relatives and next to kin walking in to my home any time and they could probably see me in that state. The very thought tormented me even now when I try to put myself into the state of that young boy. Me. The same women had a younger brother. The only boy for veliyappan, and I am not sure what was his story, but quite certain of his perverted mind set when he forcefully wanted my hands on his mid section while trying to create an environment where in he is keenly listening to my answers to what the query what was taught at school or atleast that was what I can recollect now. However, his horrid nature to me was very clear and I wouldn’t forget that. Dad was not around and I never knew what or how to talk to mom about it. I realize now that children needs to talked to regardless of what they would say or how much they understand. My elder brother Harrison is about 5 years older to me and Anson the younger one, about 4 years. Now it is a huge gap for children. I realize that now. Michelle my eldest child is about 4.5 years, Nathaniel the middle one is about 2.8 years and the youngest Abigael is about 14 months. Loy went through lot of struggle due to close pregnancy, but now we are happy and content. God has blessed us in his time and according to his plan. If there was a huge gap between children what if the same scenario of my life would repeat?? Right now, I can see Michelle helping Nathan with clothing or sometimes helps feeding him. She loves to take care of Abigael. So there is a bond right from their childhood which will help us parents on their up bringing. I had tried to forgive all my past in this episode, however at times some of them come back to poke me in the head. I don’t think it is completely forgotten, even though forgiven.