Why Children? Who else. They are the base that build any community. Society understands this fact. However, to treat every single child as its parents or guardian would, who hopefully have considerable amount of quality skills to raise children, is a very bleak situation. There are institutions educational and others who are trying to figure out a platform where in children can be monitored while at school. Now, what they basically do or can possibly do with limited and challenging resource structure is that provide an exam pattern which is used to evaluate the weak links and pool them into a group, moderate students into another group and the smarties into another. Further the next level after the evaluation and segregation is to create questionnaires customized for each of the groups to understand better what are the factors that hinder their study. Suppose Easy, Moderate, Challenge, are the 3 type of questionnaires configured for the above 3 groups. They are given time to prep and given exams according to their category. Now, if the weakest student is able to achieve something in the most easy category. The results will not just help him feel happy, but it could probably create a liking towards that subject. Further understanding the teacher student relation, other peer group members supporting all can go a long way into making him upscale to the top group eventually. In the above scenario there is a situation that can pop like an unexpected visitor. And we cannot ascertain immediately how or what to do about it. That is, the child facing in the Easy category, even after prep and exam comes out with not much progression in marks; what we do about it? Is there a system which will help him skip that one subject but instead identify and pursue another? Like say a musical instrument or basketball or martial arts or languages. Is that a possibility? A child who have an option to learn math and english ( without excuse and constant progression regardless of hours or exams ) as base and opt for any other subject. I am suggesting to include all others as subjects, languages, music, art and other.

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