Human Nature. If you do not know something, you got learn if the intent is to acquire knowledge or make use of an information to accomplish a task at hand and may lay it off afterwards. If you are unable to understand something but you really need to learn. Well then it is a problem. For a child every new task is a challenge perhaps everyday there could be something new to learn at school or home. Now, if you nurture the child to understand the challenge and help figure out the need to acquire a certain knowledge, the being would start to develop a skill to approach one challenge at time, understand the same, acquire knowledge to face it or over come it and then move forward to the next. The same is not the condition of many children, who have not got such a mentor or guru to help guide. Not help with the problem, but to teach them on approach, understand and overcome. These 3 are pathways to form a system and not the solution to educational system so complex and massive it would take a decade and more to undo one shell of the core. Patience is virtue if you have it in you. If you don’t cultivate it. There are situations in life everyday which is a mix of challenges at work, food to cook, clothing, bathing, laundry, children to school, travel, payments and so on. Now, how do we get patience and peace in one bowl to blend well and deliver so that our children acquire what is being portrayed. Its a necessity that every individual human being understands that the world around you has transformed from that of a child to youth and it will again from adulthood to parents and so on. If this progression is a truth the challenges that come with is true. Regardless of rich or poor, qualified or unqualified, tall or short, fat or slim, there is no denying or ignoring the fact that TO FACE however grave the end be, is the only way of approach, understand, acquire knowledge to over come so that you can move forward.

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