An Elephant Problem. Once upon a time deep in the jungle where the Lion was the king, there lived an elephant called Yu. He was a giant. He walked alone most of the time. Even though strong and large he never hurt any other animal in the jungle. He was friends with quick rabbit, fast zebra, shrewd tiger, cunning fox, high flyer eagle and many others. He never left alone because he was giant himself and could do many things that no one other could. — The wolf walked up to the Rock and said. Yu has to walk with his head held high, even though there are obstacles but with eyes not dropping down. There by will always get a view ahead of his steps. Let his nose do a bit of searching on the ground level so that even if there are small obstacles it can be easily found early before hit. Also, he should suspend the idea of being cabined. He needs to socialize with his near and dear, once in a while to know where they are and how they have. So it will be a learning and relaxing at the same time. There are many ways apart from the usual route Yu take and it is alright to try a different route with the help of someone familiar with it.

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